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Un Autre Monde

Naïssam Jalal & Rhythms Of Resistance

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« A shock » Jazzmag, « Essential » Jazznews

« Naïssam Jalal pursues her social, racial, and ecological struggles as convincingly as ever. She puts so much persuasiveness in her music, it  reminds the great struggle anthems of John Coltrane, Nina Simone, or Archie Shepp. A sound celebration full of life and hope. This double album is both a concentration of the fears of our time and the lights that we hope to see resurface. » Jazzaround

« Another world then. The one after, here and now. The music of this flutist, an essential figure of the French jazz scene, is a whole world, occupied by rhythms, melodies and voices that feed on influences drawn from across the seas and oceans to, who knows, dream of a unique continent. Naïssam Jalal leads this quest for plural unity carried by all the songs of the possible, at the head of a group where each musician takes care to express the most emotion possible in each chord, each note, each blow. The themes have a soft dreamlike force, the beat is sensual and hypnotic, the sound recording honours these messengers of the appeased beauty. » Jazz mag (SHOCK)

« In her new album, the flutist Naïssam Jalal is accompanied by the band Rhythms of Resistance and the Orchestre National de Bretagne conducted by Zahia Ziouani, and this album is double. Double CD, double view, double background, double glass, double meaning… The flute and the nay’s arabesques take us to « another world », one where we get drunk on music to live instead of surviving. » Médiapart

« Naïssam Jalal has within her the poetic forms and the rare understanding of revolt, and that’s beautiful, touching and exceptional. No doubt that’s her strength, which pushes her to write with her soul each note of this other world called on CD1. It is a raw, radical world that lets however, between two clouds, escape these poetic forms that are so important for her… » Paris Moove

« Naïssam Jalal is a flutist and an inspired and profilic composer. She follows a talented musical path, motivated by passion and curiosity. Born in the suburbs of Paris to Syrian parents, she has assimilated and transcended the essence of European and Arab classical music, the art of jazz improvisation, the urgency of hip hop, the euphoria of funk or the vitality of African traditions, with a keen sense of synthesis and a hyper-sensitive breath. » France Musique

« Naïssam Jalal‘s particularity is to skilfully mix flute, nay and vocals in a very personal way, which looks neither like Roland Kirk nor Magic Malik. The quintet remains at the heart of this live concert, well enhanced by the superb setting offered by the Orchestre National de Bretagne. This setting gives an extra dimension to this music mixing oriental tradition, jazz and classical music, with an sharp sense of melody. » Jazzhalo

05/02/2021 - Les Couleurs Du Son