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Om Al Aagayeb

Naïssam Jalal - Om Al Aagayeb

Production Les couleurs du son / Distribution l'Autre distribution
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Citizen Jazz « Elu » (awarded) album

« With this seventh album, recorded in Cairo in 2017 in the company of thirteen remarkable Egyptian musicians and singers, the Franco-Syrian flutist Naïssam Jalal tells a succession of small stories, feelings, lights and scents, a wandering constellated with tenderness. »
Le Monde – Patrick Labesse


« One can only be overwhelmed by such a record, which manages to be both very personal and to speak to anyone with an ear and empathy. To all those who have experienced the uprooting and the discovery of otherness. A work of quiet and disturbing beauty. »
Citizen Jazz – Franpi Barriaux (Album « Elu »)


« In this 100% Egyptian album, Naïssam Jalal draws the contours and landscapes of Egyptian musical grammar, while bringing a unique poetry and depth that transcends souls, genres and protocols. » Pan African Music – Elodie Maillot


« Om Al Aagayeb is not only a beautiful record, it is a strong and enchanting work. Just listening to it is enough to enrich a day. The compositions, the voices, the instruments, the way they dialogue, the way they respect each other and turn together towards the light and guide us towards wholeness. » Qobuz – Benjamin Mimimum