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Quest of the Invisible

Naïssam Jalal TRIO - Quest of the Invisible

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Awarded at the Victoire du jazz 2019 « unclassifiable album », « 4 f » Télérama, « 4* » Jazz Mag, « Indispensable » Jazz News.


« In the luminous double album Quest of the Invisible, the magic is there, the invisible becomes palpable, the trio lifts us from reverie to trance. » – Fip


« Naïssam Jalal signs a major work, intimate and transcendental. » – Qwest TV


« A quest that oscillates between shadow and light, contemplation and trance, silence and music. Naïssam Jalal approaches the shores of spirituality with a totally invested quartet . » – France musique


« It has been a while since we felt that the DNA of a masterpiece was flowing in Naïssam Jalal’s veins. – Grigri


« Silence resounds in the muffled strokes and the invisible takes shape in the repetitive notes of the piano, the evanescent lyricism of the strings and the oriental reminiscences of the flutes. » – Télérama


« Naïssam Jalal signs a major work, intimate and transcendental. » – Qwest TV


« Naïssam Jalal opens the transparent door that leads to the space within by holding onto the immaterial thread of music. Eight pieces channeled by the pure breath of the flute and the nay, enveloped in celestial songs, traversed by hypnotic rhythms, with the almost supernatural complicity of Leonardo Montana, Claude Tchamitchian and Hamid Drake. This fifth album is his Love Supreme. » – Jazz Mag ****


« This album, as successful as it is amazing, sounds like a fine ECM production out of the nest. » – Jazz News (Indispensable)


« In her perpetual quest for vibrations and emotions, the precious Naïssam Jalal elaborates subtle sound spaces rich in reminiscences and colors. A hypnotic and mystical jazz. » – Hiko’s chronicles


« A disarmingly obvious little gem, a superb introspective meditation. » – Drama


« Irrigated with lyricism, Quest of the Invisible is an intense and moving opus, inhabited by mystery and a soothing fullness. » – Amina


« The Beautiful is apprehended with eyes closed. A deeply soothing, beautiful album. » – Ena Mag

01/03/2019 - Production Les couleurs du son / Distribution l'Autre distribution