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Al Akhareen

Al Akhareen

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Favorite of the FNAC record shops, a burning record…


« Naïssam Jalal and Osloob release an incandescent masterpiece. Vital breath of a dreamed emancipation, the dove flute embraces the thick and knotted word like the olive tree. It is overwhelming. » – L’Humanité


« A new and uncompromising repertoire, a moving poetics, a lyricism full of hope. » – Qobuz


« A powerful machine that carries its words of anger and its verses of hope. » – Mediapart’s blog


« Al Akhareen take us to the depths of their mixed identities, their dreams and their stories, in an ode to the other, to others. » – Views


« There is a critical climate hovering over this record that still demands a spirit of resistance. » – Jazz news


« A careful production that never falls into cliché or tawdriness. » – Citizen Jazz


« A hip-hop jazz universe, supported by lyrics mixing revolt and melancholy. » – Lylo


« A clever combination of urban grooves, jazz and traditional sounds, breaking boundaries and conventions through a new aesthetic. A deep and poetic approach to the notion of freedom. » – Hiko’s reviews


« An intense record » – Le courrier de l’Atlas

March 2018 - Production Les couleurs du son / Distribution l'Autre distribution